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15 August
Allison Broadwater!
18 years old, Wellesley College, Wellesley MA

10 RANDOM THINGS ABOUT ME (updated spontaneously)
1. When I say that I love you, it means that I will always save a piece of myself for you. Fifty years down the line, I will still remember you and how you made me who I am today.
2. I don't sing in the shower, because it echos and everyone can hear me. But I'll sing anywhere else.
3. My goal is to bring as many people as possible to WV to see how much I adore it so they can too- or at least spread the love that is "Country Roads."
4. I admire anyone who can do anything that I can't- which is quite a lot.
5. My favorite commercial of all time is that old Snickers commercial with the drawing of the panda and the guy is singing "Pretty, Pretty Dancing..."
6. I think kissing is so much fun it should be a mandatory greeting.
7. When it comes to shoes, it's all quantity, not quality- if I have so many I can only wear a pair once a month, they'll last forever anyway!
8. I have 8 earring holes, 1 tattoo on my ankle, and a nose piercing. Because... I can.
9. I think the simple kisses, short and sweet and adorable, are definitely the best. Especially standing up.
10. I learned to skip rocks in the Atlantic Ocean in Cape Cod, MA with my father this spring. Rock out.

Marilyn is love

Cookies are love

I am currently learning to cope with the fact that I cannot tell everyone every little piece of my life. It's an ongoing process.
Be patient with me is all I ask.